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90 Day Total Life Transformation

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My Story

I didn’t grow up wealthy by any means. We always had the cheapest house in the best school district. My mother and father were very big on our education.

Despite the lack of funding my parents always found ways to share life's experiences with us. (Guess that’s where I get my resourceful nature from.)

My father was addicted to drugs and my parents divorced when I was 8. At this time my mother was in college. She actually got her double masters while being a single mother of 3 with minimal family help. (I have no excuse not to become successful.)

I started working when I was 15. My father moved back into the house when I was 16 for two years to help my mother co-parent. They weren't together; but they loved us more than they disliked each other. They were actually friends "sometimes".

Over the past 4 years I’ve studied ways to change my own mindset and have helped others change theirs as well. To date I’ve lost 70 pounds (on my own). Improved my standard of life, refused to be a victim of my circumstances and became the change I wanted to see in the world.

Success Stories

My experience with Olivia has been wonderful

I learned so much in so little time. She's made me see things from a different perspective. One I would have never thought of on my own.

I was able to grow my income within the first week of working with her because I had more confidence in myself. It's not just the money mindset that changes with her it's your own mindset.

I have already learned valuable  things and methods that I can carry on in my work. I will forever be grateful to Olivia for what she has done for me and I will continue to look out for her new stuff. 


Georgia Vignac

I am so happy I joined the Money Mindset Bootcamp!

It was inviting, exciting and well put together. The information was beyond helpful. Very educational and uplifting at the same time.

I love how orderly things were. We were learning in a virtual relaxed state. Advice was on point. Whenever she does another Bootcamp I will definitely recommend my entrepreneur friends! She dropped some golden nuggets that many pay hundreds for! Not only did she bring knowledge she also brought together other amazing business like people which gave us all an opportunity to network.

I am extremely impressed with the way Olivia is able to motivate! I look forward to watching her journey and joining more programs she may prepare for us.

Tanisha Brown

90 Day Total Life Transformation

"Honestly, I cannot say enough great things about my experience working with Olivia! It started with us scheduling a one-on-one meeting, and she only requested that I create some goals before our Zoom call. Once our scheduled time arrived, she was prompt, and we got to business. Olivia was very patient, friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. We broke my goals up into different categories, and she was able to help me discover realistic means to achieve those goals in an appropriate amount of time. She also assisted me in how to block schedule my week. I feel her walking me through that was more beneficial than her telling me how to do it than me just doing it on my own later. Post-meeting, she emailed me my personalized plan and some additional resources that have helped her other clients. She also went above and beyond and included suggested meal plans and a time audit sheet. The time audit sheet was helpful because it put in perspective that we have more time than we think we have. Olivia also has checked in for accountability and made sure that I still am on track to completing my goals. I highly recommend her services!"

Patrice Barnett

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