Automate Your Life!

Set up systems to allow you to grow and scale your life and business with ease.

It all starts here! Identifying the type of life you WANT to have. Get SPECIFIC AF!

How do you want to be spending your day?

Start with your morning. 

What time will you wake up? What will you do first? When you step out of bed what do you step on. Carpet, hardwood, tile. (yes that specific)

What do you do first after stepping out of bed? How much time do you have privately?

How do you start off your day? Devotionals, motivational videos, exercise, meditation, coffee, answering emails?

Follow the same pattern throughout your ideal day. You may be thinking “What does this have to do with automation in my life?”

You need to know where you want to go before you get there. You can’t even order an Uber to just drive you without a destination.

After you identify your ideal life you build a world around it. Yes you can do that.

That’s where the automation comes in. What changes need to be made to your schedule? What tasks do you need to accomplish before you reach your ideal lifestyle? What are the systems that I can use to make this easier?

It’s time to start using technology to your benefit. You can start with using Notion.

This platform allows you to plan your workflows for your business and personal life. Putting everything in one place. This is just the beginning of the process.

I walk each one of my clients through this process in the beginning. We identify where they want to be.The amount of time they want to spend working. Of course the amount of money they want to make.

We come up with a plan together and make adjustments as necessary. Providing continual growth in their lives and businesses.

Want this for you?