My 27 Life Lessons

I write this as it is the last day that I am 27. I wanted to think about some of the most important lessons I’ve learned in my life. Let me know which one you relate to most.

  1. The only thing you can control is how you react to things. – I’ve always been a planner. I would get mad at myself for things not going the ways that I intended for them to. Since changing my mindset to only things I worry about are the things I can control. 
  1. Regrets are worse than failure. – There are things in my past that I regret tremendously. Most of my failures I don’t even think about. The regrets. . . they continually come up.
  1. Let go and let God. – Trusting in God has been the most beneficial life lesson I have learned thus far.
  1. It’s okay to be wrong. – This is my husband’s mantra and I appreciate it more than he knows.  So many times the person that is trying to always be right ends up losing.
  1. Listen to UNDERSTAND – In my opinion this is a skill that many people have lost. We yell at each other and debate facts. We hardly come to a mutual understanding.
  1. Your perception is your reality. – When I started looking for the benefit in every situation the world around me changed. 
  1. Give from your OVERFLOW.  – My friend Crystal Belser’s term. It means that you have to fill your personal cup up daily. Only until then do you give from your overflow and not from your reserve. This statement has allowed me to step back when my emotional tank is depleted. 
  1. Boundaries are a necessity! – This mindset shift has allowed me to improve relationships in my life. When many people hear boundaries they believe that it is something they are losing. In reality you have more to gain personally when you set boundaries. 
  1. Give without any expectations in return. – I have found the most joy in giving to those that can’t repay me. It isn’t about being nice. It’s about being kind and selfless. 
  1. Fear is a mind killer. – My father would always tell me this. It wasn’t until adulthood until I understood what it meant for my life. I no longer allow fear to hold myself or my clients back from success. Psalm 27:1 “The Lord is my light and salvation – whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life – of whom shall I be afraid?” 
  1. Take NOTHING at face value. – Question everything, especially what you read on the internet.  
  2. You don’t know what you don’t know. – You can learn something from everyone. I try to learn something new everyday. Ask questions and listen to the answers. People will tell you exactly what you need to know about them if you just ask the right questions. 
  1. Nothing lasts forever. – Youth, age, anger and even covid go away. The only thing that is consistent is change. I aim to take the best from every situation. Learn the lessons as they arise and keep going. 
  1. It’s okay to change your mind. – In fact it’s healthy to change your mind on things. 
  1. No one really knows what they’re doing. – Let’s face it there are billions of ways to live life. What works for someone else may not work for you. Find what works for you. 
  1. If we want to be loved we must first make ourselves lovable! – In the book “The Road Less Traveled” by M. Scott Peck, M.D. This quote stuck out to me the most. It is something that I completely agree with and something many don’t understand. Thanks Jessica for this suggestion! 
  1. Don’t overwork yourself. – The hustle mentality is not conducive to your health. It definitely wasn’t helpful for mine. It is extremely important to listen to your body and take care of yourself. 
  1. Location is everything. – This goes for personal and business life. Here’s an example – Industries dealing with the public. –  The establishment you choose to work at can improve or negatively impact your quality of life. Let’s say you work at a car dealership. There’s a difference between a dirt lot and a luxury car dealership. From the money you will or won’t make, the type of clientele you will interact with, the type of people you will meet.  When choosing a neighborhood to live in- look at the fast food restaurants close to it. I always say “It’s better to be by a Chick-fil-A than a Checkers.” 
  1. Pay attention to detail. – I’m guilty of not always doing this. This is definitely a lesson I’ve learned the hard way . . . MANY times. 
  1. You can’t always do what you want. – As an adult there are a lot of responsibilities. As I get older I realize my contribution to this planet is more important than just doing what I want to do. 
  2. Some people are seasonal. – Everyone is not supposed to remain in your life all of your life. Some people just grow apart. While it is upsetting it is reality. Everyone is on their own journey. Some only pop into your life as paragraphs and chapters. 
  1. I can agree to disagree. – Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I don’t have to agree with it. This has saved me in many situations. 
  2. Opinions aren’t fact. – While everyone is entitled to their own opinions it doesn’t not make it factual. We live in a society where people say things and we talk about the things they say as if they are fact. They aren’t and never forget it.
  3. Embrace your UNIQUENESS – When I finally started to become more of the person God created me as, the world and my view of it changed. 
  1. Do what you love. – I know, everyone says this. For a long time I was just chasing money. I am no longer doing that and my quality of life has increased tremendously. I care more about the changes I make in people’s lives now than the money I receive from it. 
  2. Eat healthy – For a few years in my life, I did not live a healthy lifestyle. It showed. Once I realized I am truly what I eat (I lost 70 pounds). 
  3. Never stop becoming. – One of my University writing professors told me this and it has stuck with me. I am not in competition with anyone but myself. I am always aiming to become the best version of myself. Learning and experiencing life and all of God’s creations.  

Bonus – Networking skills are a must. It isn’t always about what you know but who you know. I aim to make friends with people. I’d like to make money with. It has helped me progress at a faster pace. Let’s face it, you need money to live. Why not make it with people you like?  If you’d like to improve your networking skills book a call with me.

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