Organize Your Life!

Have you thought about how much money you’ve lost because you weren’t organized?

I’m talking about the time you’re with your friend and you both go to the beach and you need sunglasses. You own at least 5 pairs. You keep two in your car and you have three at home.

Thing is you aren’t at your house. You rode with your friend so you don’t have your car.

Now you go and buy gas station polarized glasses because - “Why waste money on a pair that don’t block the sun?”

You’ve now spent $13 - $17 dollars on your 6th pair of glasses because you didn’t bring one of your five pairs with you.

If this sounds anything like something you’d do keep reading.

Have you ever thought about how much time you’ve wasted because you weren’t organized?

Think about the times you’ve misplaced your keys.

How long did it take you to find them?

Five minutes, 10 minutes?

Did it make you late to something important?

Not only are you losing money, you're also losing time?

Would you like to get both of those things back, and so much more?

In the Overwhelmed to in Control 33 Day Intensive busy women gain a new routine, a personalized outline and are able to duplicate their new it with ease.

This 5 week intensive is for women that are ready to gain control of their emotions, stress levels and productivity.

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