Three Day Routine Reset




Are you a busy woman that feels like you’re just treading water? 

You’re the one that does it all and right now you are just trying to breathe. 

You want to be excited about the upcoming year but you are a little apprehensive. You still have so many loose ends to tie up and it has started to overwhelm you. 

I wanted to do something special for you. It’s called the Three Day Routine Reset! 

In three days get your routine reset and your mind prepared for 2021. 

This is a challenge that will give you continuous results months and years later. . .  if you continue to implement what I tell you. 

This is for you if. . . 

You aren’t in a healthy routine.  

You battle Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)/ Seasonal Depression.

You often suffer from burn out.

You’re a very giving woman that doesn’t always find time to make herself a priority.

Top 4 Benefits for you. 

Gain more clarity on your goals and plans for 2021.

Decrease your stress levels.

Enjoy more of the time you have.

Start the year off organized.

Three Day Routine Reset Challenge Outline 

Saturday – January 2nd –  Establish your goals and plan your non-negotiable tasks for each week.

Sunday – January 3rd – Prepare for the week and practice self-care.

Monday – January 4th – Start your new routine with accountability.

The challenge includes.

Facebook group for group accountability.

Live interactive coaching each day.

If you’re ready for positive change in your life this challenge is for you.


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