Self Doubt

If there is someone out there that can do and have what you want. Your doubt is self doubt! 

What is your opinion of the obstacles between you and your goals? 

If you THINK something is going to be impossible you are breeding self doubt. 

Examples – There aren’t any men that I can date.

  • I’m never going to make that much money. 
  • The market is saturated. 

If that sounds like you. Keep reading this will help you. 

Whenever you’re going to the next level in life there is resistance. 

You may feel stuck by an invisible force that is keeping you where you are. You may find yourself wanting to play smaller and not understanding why. 

I’ve got news for you. If you are trying anything new these are NORMAL feelings. 

Everytime that you set a new goal and you feel resistance or a challenge or self doubt, these are emotions you’re supposed to feel! 

Your subconscious mind wants to keep you safe. These are natural reactions to change.  

The important part is to listen to the things the little voice is saying in your head. 

This is not an overnight fix. You have to do the work. Everytime you feel these feelings. Sit with them. Dissect them until the core issue, tear them apart. 

A great way to do this is sitting in silence. Allowing yourself to hear your thoughts. The key is to do this for at least 30 minutes. 

  • Take notice of how you doubt yourself. 
  • Write them down. 
  • Look at false core beliefs and replace it with your truth. 

Truth is we are who we say we are! 

Let me know if you found this helpful.

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