About Olivia TM Cook Coaching

Do you have big goals but not sure how to make them happen?

You know the ones that others think you're crazy for having?

You want to start or expand your business in the online space, but have no idea how to get clients.

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone told you how to do that? You know someone that told you how to post on social media to get clients. Or how to find clients. It would be a bonus if it was easy, right?

You want to sell your products or services but the market is saturated right? Here’s a tip, unfriend the people that are doing what you’re doing. You won’t sell to them anyway.

Quick question? When you get the clients, what are you going to say to them? How are you going to sell them, without being salesy? ? ?

How will you receive payment? How will you allocate your taxes? When will you know when to hire someone?

With a MAP (Mentorship, Accountability and a Plan) you will be able to generate sales, make more money and still have a life.

I offer a 90 day Mastermind to go from crickets to cash.

The program includes one one on one call monthly, a personalized task list to accomplish your goals, self paced training and two weekly live group trainings.

A few of the benefits include, more confidence on camera, a thriving business and personal growth.

$1500 Investment

Let's get started...