About Olivia TM Cook Coaching

Do you ever feel like...

  • You’re HAPPIEST when you're busy and have a booked calendar. You love the purpose you feel from being busy.

  • You DREAM of having the freedom to do what you want when you want to. You want to own your own business working on your time with enough money in the bank to invest in other businesses and properties, travel for extended periods of time, and of course…have the time for your family and friends. 
  • You ENVISION yourself making a big impact in the world, doing amazing work that genuinely helps others and makes you feel like, “I’m living my dream life !!!”

  • You WANT to reinvent yourself. Share your story and be a contributing member to society. Becoming the best version of yourself. The version God saw when he made you.

Only thing is...

  • You’re feeling out of place and behind in life. While on the outside you appear to have it all together. You really aren’t where you want to be. 
  • You’re experiencing this weird cycle of feeling uninspired, and confused on your goals and your talents. Now you don’t know how to get what you want in life. Causing you more confusion. 
  • Most people don’t know this but you really struggle with organization. And self-sabotage from over working. And you really want to stop. You just don’t have the time to strategize your game plan to achieve your  .
  • You also want to improve your personal relationships but you don’t have the time.
  • In other words you have this little voice in your head telling you it’s time to make a change. You’ve tried to in the past but life continues to get in the way.

Make a change now...


If you related to any of that. You have indeed come to the right place.

The only reason I have an idea of how you feel is because I have been in the same place. Matter of fact I was going through ALL of it just 4 years ago and again 1.5 years ago.

In fact, that’s why I started Olivia ™ Cook Coaching LLC. In 2015, I reinvented myself after I got married and moved 500 miles away from my hometown. I fell into a deep depression and gained a tremendous amount of weight. Click here if you’d like to see my (real and raw weightloss journey.) The internal problems you haven’t handled will show up in other areas of your life. I am a true example of that.

While reinventing myself, I dived into my personal development. Went to counseling. Changed the people I was around and created a life that I truly enjoyed. Then in October of 2018. My husband and I lost our home and 80 percent of our belongings in Hurricane Michael. It was time again for me to reinvent my life again. I planned and got organized and created a new life for myself. All to realize that I didn’t enjoy the life I created.

In October of 2019 it was almost as if God told me it was time to focus on my God given talents. Truly diving into my passion.

My passion is helping women reach their personal and professional goals!

Here’s what one of my early clients has to say...

I am so happy I joined the Money Mindset Bootcamp! It was inviting, exciting and well put together. The information was beyond helpful. Very educational and uplifting at the same time. I love how orderly things were. We were learning in a virtual relaxed state. Advice was on point. Whenever she does another Bootcamp I will definitely recommend my entrepreneur friends! She dropped some golden nuggets that many pay hundreds for! Not only did she bring knowledge she also brought together other amazing business like people which gave us all an opportunity to network. I am extremely impressed with the way Olivia is able to motivate! I look forward to watching her journey and joining more programs she may prepare for us.

I am here to help you organize, strategize and automate your life

As a mindset coach and social media strategist, I give you the systems, training, mentorship, accountability and a plan. Ultimately building the foundation to scale and grow your business and your life.

I'm looking forward to working with you!

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